After twenty-five years experience providing top-notch operational support services to various industries, FSCL is establishing its identity in the Energy and Construction Industries as the team to assist operational production and development needs. Led by a knowledgeable, qualified group of professionals, FSCL provides an in-depth understanding of Industry project requirements and the support services to meet these project needs.

A negotiable working group, the company is focused on relationship building, adaptability, and the power to ‘hit the ground running.’

Incorporated in the province of Nova Scotia in 2001, FSCL began as an operational support services company working within the Oil and Gas Industry in Eastern Canada, both on and offshore. During the period of 2003-2006 it has expanded its operations internationally to supply support services in Africa and Europe.

FSCL is establishing itself as a provider of training and certification to industry throughout eastern Canada. FSCL currently has several franchised Enform programs available and is continuing to expand its opportunities.

Understanding there is no one-way approach to any situation, the company takes pride in its ability to be diverse, providing attention to individual customer's needs.

Now and into the future, FSCL is here to address the operational support needs of Canadian Industry.

Corporate Mission Statement

FSCL endeavors to lead the energy industry in quality-first operational support services to maintain dedicated customer-focus, to provide an unbiased approach, to foster strong working relationships, to integrate all enabling technologies, to build a first-choice team of motivated, professional consultants, and to ensure highest qualifications standards for all personnel.

Corporate Philosophy

In its commitment to addressing operational challenges, FSCL prides itself in providing quality work from project start to finish, and relationship building in industry.